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About This Project

Project [Chi]ld is a special cause to us. We believe strongly in the youth of Chicago that represents our future. We believe the next generation of Chicagoans will guide the city to a brighter future. These are the future innovators, leaders and workers. Unfortunately many of the inner city youth don’t have access to all the resources to help them help Chicago. Children are most creative at this age and schools are not able to feed that curiosity and imagination. Schools that are poor are often forced to cut their art programs. We believe this is very detrimental for a child. Many are stuck in a violent cycle of poverty, poor education and victims of gang violence and creativity is what shelters them. By empowering the Chicago youth, they can become innovative and resourceful and use their creativity to unlock doors to a better future. Project [Chi]ld is our ongoing effort to address the need to feed creativity and help inner city youth.