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App, Brand Identity, Icon Design, Logo, Packaging, Website
About This Project

Frostea is a Vancouver based ice cream shop that makes handmade, organic small batches of tea infused ice cream. I was responsible for creating the brand and design the website. The client wanted to capture the handmade look, the elegance, the rawness, fun and clean look for the brand.

The main audience are connoisseurs of ice cream and tea, young professionals with money, and millennials who strives for more than mass productions.

To create a brand and website that is high end, premium, and modern.
Tea infused ice cream is new and it’s “handcrafted”so the visuals are important. Make visual front and center.

Uses Cases
To have users-
Users need to view the products.
create an account
sign in
sign up for news letters
add to cart
make a purchase.

To design a website ( desktop & mobile)
Create a brand / visual identity
Apply visual identity to both UI & web
Art Direction

Frostea strives to bring an unique experience and product to people by infusing tea and ice cream together. Tea and ice cream making are crafts with long tradition and history. The goal was to bring this story to an audience that loves both.
With young professionals who loves local and artisanal products in mind Frostea aims to bring a premium good to the market of Vancouver. Tea drinking and ice cream in Vancouver are trending amongst foodies. So why not bring the two together.The colour palette were specifically chosen to represent the colour of tea and the ice of coldness. The main brand colour is the blue (#83d3f5). We wanted to compliment the name of Frost. The secondary and accent colours are all colours one would see from tea. They are earthy, and lighter in colour because they will be infused with ice cream. Overall the goal was to make the presentation of the products for the website elegant and clean with negative space through the use of grey (#edecec) and white (#ffffff).  The secondary colours were used as ascent colours to make the product pop and fun.